Mark Simmons
offers his apologies to Andrew Jackson, Jack Chick, Clive Barker, and Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus everywhere.

Ben Jelter
lives in San Francisco where he works on illustration and sequential art. Ben also instructs classes on figure drawing, character design and comics at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His first graphic novel, The Tumor was released on October 1st.

Mónico Chávez
canít be bothered to write a bio. But if he did, it would probably say something about how he was born and raised in Oregon, loves to draw trees, and works on set design for film.

Frank Lin
enjoys telling stories without words.

Samuel Farinato
is a freelance illustrator, primarily focused on storybooks (for children both young and old), sequential art, and storytelling in general.

Vanessa Lynn
is a comic book artist and graphic designer born and raised in the SF bay area. Check out her upcoming work on the Bold Riley project

Dusty Divine
loves storytelling and creating worlds full of interesting characters and fantastical places to draw and paint.

Santiago Casares
was born in Mexico City sometime in the past millenium. He's currently studying an MFA at the Academy of Art University. His stories have been published in Heavy Metal magazine and in different anthologies.

Eunjung Kim
is an animator, illustrator who currently lives in San Francisco and just finished studying Animation in Academy of Art University.

Rosie Sullivan
has learned that as she grows older, her heart remains the same. Adventure, storytelling, and art will always follow her wherever she goes, and whoever she meets.

Allen Song
is an illustrator from San Francisco who currently works in the Games and Entertainment industry.

Bret Hobbs
just wants to build a better everything. Sometimes pictures occur. His toolbox is filled with all manner of little machines, clicking and grinding.

Gintah Tran
is an illustrator living in San Francisco. He's currently writing and illustrating The Devil King, his first full length comic.

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